Blogging again!

• 2 minutes read

I haven’t been blogging for a while. Many things have changed since I posted something for the last time. Circa 2008, people was fascinated by smart phones which linked its users to Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the digital universe. The information becames “real-time”, there is no more need to search for information that was current 30 minutes or an hour ago. Books were becoming digital. App mania was born. All of this now is the norm. We live in the automation era, streaming services, data and machine learning based products/applications. AI powered personal voice assistants, bots (a lot of them), the list goes on.

And this blog? This blog and its sibling (portuguese version) were hosted in Blogger platform, what were too painful to maintain the same custom template in that ugly Blogger’s markup for both blogs. A truly nightmare of code-and-paste, duplication and lack of legibleness. Writing posts was another suffering. Thus I moved my blogs to a single repository hosted in GitLab pages and build it using Hugo, a powerful static site generator. The template is based in Lanyon, but slightly tweaked. Now, I can use my preferred editor (Vim) to edit all the content and publish using just a single command: git push. In the next post, I will detail the internals of how this blog was rebuilt. Until next post!

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